Art by Nati

Nati Oren is a worldwide wildlife artist. She travels to game reserves watching animals in nature and paints them in her own way using free hand and many colours of ink. She lives in Cape Town Shouth Africa. Her paintings are known all over the world.

Originally from Israel, the artist Anat Oren moved to South Africa and fell in love with the African landscape, its wildlife and its people and finds it a great inspiration for her colourful artwork.

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Her art is about animals, life, indigenous people and landscapes and are created in a unique art style using ink and felt pens for the paintings, carved and glazed clay for the sculptures/pottery. Anat uses lively patterns and vibrant colour to bring each piece to life.

The pen and ink art pieces are available as:

  • prints are printed on canvas and on paper.
  • Made to size:  A – 6 ,   A – 5 ,  A – 4 ,  A – 3 ,  A – 2 ,  A – 1
  • Size :  77/53  C”M  and  1/70  C”M “
  • Prints are made on :  size :  A – 6  for post cards


For prices on size and quantity prints, please email to the artist :

Please contact Nati Oren for purchasing originals size :  A 2  and  A 3.

Her other artwork includes oil paintings and decorated clay/ceramic pottery.