The sculptured pottery Anat creates is functional art – it can be displayed purely as a piece of sculptural art or used for floral arrangements or as jugs. Anat carves into the clay to create the detailed patterns which she then either leaves natural or paints with vibrant colours, or sometimes uses just white to accentuate the black clay used in some of the pottery.

Pottery items marked as [SOLD] have been left in the gallery as examples of Anat’s work. As each item is unique you will not be able to order an exact replica of a SOLD pot, although she will create one in a similar shape or pattern for you.

Click on an image to enlarge it, and scroll through to see the previous or next image, or click on the View as Slideshow to see the art as a slideshow.

For more information and prices, please contact the artist: anatoren123@gmail.com / +27 (0)79 1522727