By | October 24, 2011

Chameleons are fascinating creatures, and I was inspired to create my latest artwork by dealing with Chameleon Art Gallery in Fish Hoek, through whom my art exhibition at Kirstenbosch was held. This piece of art will be featured in their new art brochure which is currently being designed. Kalk Bay has been suffering a bit with the upgrading of the Main Road, yet this Art Gallery is maintaining its clientele. Go and visit it when you’re in Kalk Bay!

Some chameleon facts:

  • they range in size from around 3cm to 68cm
  • they have 5 toes on each foot, fused into groups of 3 toes and 2 toes which work like a pair of tongs, grasping surfaces. Each toe has a claw (which is how you can identify the 5 toes)
  • their eyes move and focus independently of each other
  • they see in colour!
  • their tongues are sometimes as long as their bodies, and shoot out a rate of 26 bodylengths per second