The Desert Sun

By | July 22, 2011

Some interesting facts about camels:

  • Of the approximately 17 million camels worldwide, 90% are Dromedaries (1 hump) and only 10% are Bactrian (2 humps). Most of the Dromedary camels are in North & East Africa.
  • The humps store fat for use in lean times (not water as some people believe).
  • They can raise their body temperature to reduce water loss (body temp. varies between 34 and 41 deg C).
  • If a camel is angry, frustrated or distressed it spits – a really disgusting foul-smelling stream from its first stomach chamber. Something that you will never forget if you’ve been unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end. (Something I’ve thankfully not experienced personally!)
  • The camel can kick in any direction with both hind and front legs. Don’t get in the way of a kicking camel!

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